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At On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Company we offer all types of computer repair service and laptop repair services for both residential and commercial customers. Nevertheless there are some things you can do on a regular basis to keep your computer running as expected. Below is a list of things you can do in between trips to the computer repair shop.

Seven Tips to Maintain Your Computer 

If you want your computer to last, it’s important to do a few small tasks to keep it in top condition. You don’t expect your car to last for 200,000 without changing the oil or getting the occasional tune-up. You might not know the necessary steps to take, but they’re quite easy. A little time will go a long way.  

These 7 tips will help keep your computer running in top condition:  

1.       Keep Laptop Computers on Cold Hard Surface. Computers generate heat, a lot of heat. But electrical components hate heat. For a computer to run at the optimum temperature, it’s crucial to allow air to flow through the cooling vents. This is best accomplished by using the computer on a cool, hard surface. A couch pillow, your lap, or bed surface is too soft and the vents are likely to become blocked. Those surfaces also retain heat well. Your lap actually generates additional heat.

2.       Turn Off Occasionally. It’s normal today to leave a computer on 24/7. However, the computer does a lot of maintenance during the start-up procedure. Every once in a while, turn your computer off and allow it the benefit of updating your software and the file system.

3.       Blow Out Fan Basins. Fans produce static electricity, which attracts dust. Just look at one of your house fans. They’re probably covered with dust. Take the time to blow the dust out of the fan basins a couple of times a year. If you have a laptop it is difficult to take apart and you’ll have to do it from the fan basins. If you have a desktop computer you can pop the side of the case open and blow them out. It is very easy to open a desktop computer case. Usually two screws. If you’re uncomfortable, take your computer to an expert.

4.       Don't Travel With Laptop Charger Plugged In. When transporting your laptop, unplug the charger. One of the most common laptop repairs is the repair or replacement of computer jacks. So unplug the charger and anything else you’ve go plugged in before moving or traveling with your computer.

5.       Back Up Your Data. Few people back up their computers, though everyone should. Hard drives eventually fail. We replace them every day at my shop. Depending on how you use your laptop or desktop computer, backing up your computer might be done daily, weekly, or monthly. Find the right frequency and do it.

6.       Leave the battery out of your laptop if it's plugged in. Once your battery is charged, consider removing it if the computer is plugged in. It’s simple and easy to remove and will spare the battery from being exposed to excessive heat.

7.       Get an Annual Virus Removal and Tune-Up. While there are many things the average user can do to maintain their computer, some things might be better left to the experts. An annual check-up and malware removal can be one of the best things you do for your computer.