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On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. does Search Engine Optimization to help your business position itself for internet marketing now and in the future. Call for Information on SEO in Louisville, KY. Your business future depends on it. 

Unlike the numerous questionable SEO companies that engage in relentless telemarketing campaigns we are an established SEO Company in Louisville, KY, local, providing SEO services to multiple clients willing to reference us as capable SEO providers.

What is SEO aka Search Engine Optimization?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is generally a group of different strategies that help websites get exposure on the web. Using SEO helps webmasters or SEO experts get web traffic, so the website gets exposure from different web users via search engines. We've seen the web morph to the point where the web now supports both desktop and mobile experiences. Do we, as webmasters and SEO experts (or just business owners) know how SEO has changed for 2013?  

SEO and its Distant Past In the past, web traffic wasn't as active as today. The limited crowd pretty much meant we did much less to get enough traffic to our websites. This increased activity started in the early-2000s, right when Google's momentum as a top search engine gained ground. Many early SEO practices were rather exploitative. These practices relied on different tricks that more or less manipulated how a search engine found a website. This included tactics such as "keyword stuffing, " "mass link building," and web design tricks like hiding keywords behind white text on white backgrounds. Those able to successfully use these tricks gained some of the highest rankings possible in a search engine—usually a spot on the first three pages. But this had negative consequences for searchers. Results were often irrelevant and gave searches unwelcome "sales results" rather than intelligent results searches and search engines wanted. The web became too commercial. The search engines, in their desire to please searchers implemented changes in indexing practices to solve this problem.

SEO Now By the mid-2000s, many search engines like Google slowly started rolling out precursors to changes that hit search engines years later. Google's innovative search engine algorithms changed the SEO so quick tactics to optimize websites stopped working. Their first phase of combating what they deemed as "spammy websites" arrived with Google Panda Algorithm Update, continuing with Penguin and several, thereafter. hat" SEO practices. Today, the world of SEO is all about creating a quality website which gives users exactly what they want. Relevancy is the new SEO buzzword. This includes using more acceptable variations on implementing keywords, using quality rather than spammy back-links . . .and a much heavier focus on creating a valuable and relevant web user experience. For more information on SEO Louisville KY click the link to visit our new website with more in depth information or call now.